Indigo Bunting sightings

by Kyle, Cheryl G, Deryk C, Veronica H, Jan K, Betty-Jean S, Shari, Mike,
(Hillsburgh, Rock Point P P, Toronto, Oakville, Ancaster, Angus, Markham, Grafton )

Indigo Bunting on a wire

Indigo Bunting on a wire

Several of our readers have written to tell us about their sightings of Indigo Buntings.

In May Kyle from Hillsburgh sent us this picture of a blue bird on his lawn, and he said ... I think this is an Indigo Bunting. It has been hanging around my bird feeder for the past week.

Cheryl G wrote ... I saw a male “bright blue” bunting at rock Point Provincial Park. This was Friday May 21 in the early evening.

Deryk C from Toronto wrote ... my Merlin app suggested I was hearing an Indigo Bunting but I immediately doubted it. I returned the next day to the same place and the Merlin app gave me the same results so I started calling them using the app and sure enough a male appeared from what seem to be a nesting area. The most brilliant blue I have ever seen.

Veronica H from Oakville said ... August 14th. My husband and I were kayaking on Bronte Creek, Oakville, Ontario. We spotted the brightest blue bird on the tall grasses on the creek side. It was beautiful. We watched it for several minutes.

Jan K from Ancaster, Ontario, wrote ... for the first time we observed an Indigo Bunting at our feeder at 8:58 on Sunday May 15. By its colour, it’s a male.

Betty-Jean S wrote ... I spotted with short video in Angus, Ontario May 22nd 2022

Shari from Markham said ... I was lucky enough to have two Indigo Bunting sightings in Markham, Ontario, on the Urban Park trail over the last month. (June) I tried to get photos but I only had my phone and it was too far away to really capture an image.

Mike from Grafton wrote to tell us about the pretty bird he saw ... I saw a male at my pond area this morning in Grafton. Looked all blue with almost a mean colour to the top of the bird. I never seen one before in our area. I had to stop and to admire the simple but wonderful colour of this bird. Made my day!

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