I saw

by B Rubio
(Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

I saw what looked to me like a Vulture, looking at the pictures on this site, it looked very close to the Turkey Vulture, but its neck seemed to be a little longer also the face was not red, it was very dark, almost black.

It was a Saturday morning, about 9:00 am, going for my cafe.

I life in Scarborough, Ontario, about 15 minutes from the Zoo, anyway, I'm heading south on Port Union Road to Lawrence. I slowed down and stopped at the red light and movement calls my attention to the right of my eye.

I looked and I said "Wow, that's a pretty big bird!".

It was eating a carcass - rabbit or raccoon, by the sidewalk about five feet off the road.

The bird was all black, or you could say a very dark brown and the face was the same colour.

Thanks for the info - I think what you may have seen was a juvenile Turkey Vulture - they look like the adults, but don't have the red head.

You can see one here on the National Geographic website.

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