by Mary

About two weeks ago my brother (James) spotted Robins in his yard. He has a patio door off his bedroom on one side of the house and a big picture window on the other side of his house.

One morning he woke up to the sound of a few 'thumps' on his patio door. He went to check and this Robin was actually trying to claw the door.

At first he thought it was the reflection off the glass but that doesn't seem to be it because James will pull the curtain down and the Robin still hits the window. Then James went around to the front of the house and he noticed marks on his window in the front.

To this day the Robin is still hitting the window. My brother tried even talking to it. We are nature lovers at heart. My brother wants to help this poor robin. No idea why he is doing this. There are even blood marks on the windows from the Robin hitting them so hard. Now James is going to try and feed the Robin and see what happens.

Does anyone know why the Robin is doing this?

When my brother gets up in the morning, he says that he opens his curtain and there's the Robin. It's sitting on the railing looking at him. The Robin has a mate. They both stand on the railing and just look at my brother.

What's up with that? Can anyone help us to help the Robin?

I'd suggest that your brother cover the outside of the glass with some newspaper. Even when he has his curtains closed, the bird outside can still see his reflection, and thinks it is another male bird who might be a rival for the affections of his mate!

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