by Amy Tetreault
(Powassan, Ontario)

I have a Robin's nest on the down-spout of my eavestrough and this morning a crow came and ate three of the four babies.

I saw the fourth one on the ground so I picked her up with a bag and put her back in the nest

I was wondering if there is a posibility that any more are on the ground, and what do I do now with the other baby if the parents don't come back?

How long do I wait to step in and what do I do?

I'm not sure what you can do to help this little bird - just put her back in the nest and hope the parents return. Sometimes, when the chick is close to being ready to leave the nest, they can survive without the parents, but often when they are very small and depandant, it is not possible to keep them fed, warm and alive.

I do hope that the parents returned to the nest and have raised this little chick.

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Don't S__T where you eat!
by: Julie Stitz

If you think Crows are watching the nest, put out alternate food for them. They love peanut butter sandwiches, and it is comical to watch them try to fit the whole thing in their beaks.
They also love dog and cat dry food. As a bonus, when I started putting out dog food for my crow family, the neighbour's big dog, who used to use my lawn as its own personal toilet, stopped letting his loads drop on my lawn - he's looking for 'snacks', and as they say- "don't S__T WHERE YOU EAT!" Seems like dogs follow that philosophy too!
I am seeing a lot more songbirds and robins in my neighbourhood as well, since I starting feeding the crows - and they seem to keep a certain number in the immediate area.

Baby returns
by: Anonymous

We had a nest of three baby Robins - I went to check on them one morning to my horror I found one hanging by his foot, one was on the ground and one missing.

I tried so hard to rescue the little one, but he hopped under the fence and I couldn't find him.

A couple of weeks later a small Robin shows up just in last spot I saw my little friend! He is coming every day for a week or so eating berries I leave him.

He flies a bit but prefers to hop around. I worry about his safety, but he seems to know how to survive on his own.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Awwww sad - but natural
by: n0va59

Kind of sad you had to watch it happen, but I am of 2 minds on that...(self confessed crow lover that I am) lol

But I do hope the surviving baby finds a way to keep on keepin on!

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