Hawks and Turkey Vultures in Rexdale!

by DRZ Davey
(Toronto, Etobicoke, Ontario)

Birds I View. I bought my 1st Ornithology book 2 years ago and was intrigued while at a bar and a stranger walked up to me and asked if I know the name of a bird that's voice sounds like "quick 3 beers" , I honestly thought he was mentally ill and so I kindly left after saying no.

There is.

I recently told a few people at a cafe that I saw a huge Turkey Vulture while waiting for my bus and they laughed at me, and also thought as usual, I am a compulsive liar.

You see, I have traveled from Vegas to the Adriatic Sea and many many places in between & seen and personally experienced many stories the average guy could not fathom. True.

I rarely, but thankfully do come across people that can relate to my stories, and especially when I saw a dozen Cedar Waxwing birds in front of my house too .. that's another one.

Since being unemployed due to severe chronic pains and not driving a car I notice more while commuting... like highway 27 South from Etobicoke, Ontario, to the station ~ its very common to see Red Tailed Hawks cruising or sitting along the highway, and I know where they frequent, a pattern. Not even a former childhood friend believed me when I said this.

I even know where to look for a peek at a Groundhog standing tall, like a mini grizzly, if only for a second, he is there a lot.

The bus drives along, too quickly to make more observations.

I have so much more to say. Perhaps one day.....

Thank you for sending us your report and picture, and we would love to hear more about the wildlife you see ..... our readers would enjoy it as much as we do!

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