Hawk (neighbourhood security come cheap)

by Kevin
(Fletcher, Ontario, Canada)


I live near Merlin, Ontario, out in the country. Typically Hawks stay here year-round, so I guess these Hawks do not migrate.

Right now we have a pair that monitor this area, one big one and one smaller one.

Last week I saw a Skunk walking through the field behind us.

Around 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday, I saw what I assume was the same Skunk walking near the back of the field.

I noticed the large hawk flying down the tree line on the edge of the property, and the next thing I new, the Hawk was on top of the Skunk.

Given the distance, all I could see was the flapping of the wings of the Hawk. I went and googled whether Hawks kill Skunks and realized they did.

I went back to see if I could find a carcass, but did not locate one, so I am guessing the hawk may have taken it to safer ground.

Ironically while I was out looking for evidence of the battle, a pair of Turkey Vultures appeared, obviously looking for the same thing. They did not stay long.

We moved out to the country six years ago and since then we have had White Tailed Deer come up to the house, and have seen a pair of Owls nesting in a tree behind the work-shop.

We have also seen a 4ft eastern Fox Snake at the front step (great pictures of the snake), and a couple of baby Coons who followed our cat to the back door, and of course, the Hawks.

The same Hawk was back today sitting in the middle of the field when we came home, and wow I can't believe how big they look on the ground.

Thank you for a very interesting report Kevin, it is lovely to hear about all the wildlife that you have encountered!

If you see more, we would love to hear about it - and if you have pictures, please send those too, as our readers would find those interesting.

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Yes, pictures please!!
by: Lisa Birtch

Whatever you have, we'd love to see them!

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