Hawk in the back yard

by Abdul Sachedina
(Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

Peering through my bedroom window, Saturday January 18th at three pm in the afternoon.

The hawk was in the middle of the yard, below the apple tree. I called for my twelve year old daughter to rush over and take a look.

I am certain the bird could see my image in the window.

We were twenty five feet away from the massive bird - altogether much closer than I had ever been to a Red Tail Hawk.

My daughter got to the window and she was able to see the bird for a few seconds until the bird took off, leaving a maimed squirrel underneath it.

We must have startled the bird, and I am surprised it left the squirrel behind.

The hawk remained in the vicinity of the yard as squirrels sought shelter in trees surrounding the yard.

My daughter felt sorry for the rodents so she trundled out to the backyard and chases the hawk away.

Thank you so much for writing to tell us about your Hawk sighting!

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