Hawk ID

by Anne Loshuk
(Dunnville, Ontario, Canada)

I am trying to ID a large Hawk that has a dark grey or black under body, head and neck, it's wings are lighter at the edges and finger feathered at the tips.

It's beak is yellow and it has a Hawk's head not a Vulture's head.

It also screeches like a Hawk.

I live in southern Ontario on a farm about an hour from Niagara Falls.

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Just saw one
by: mlejcogs

I just saw one that exactly fits this description hovering quite low over my neighbourhood in Aurora, Ontario. We see many Red-Tailed Hawks in this area, but this Harrier was completely new to me. Thanks to this page I was easily able to find out what it was!

Re: Unidentified bird
by: Daniel

Hello Anne, I think I may be able to help with what type of bird of prey you may of seen. I believe you had observed a Northern Harrier, either a female, or a male. It is a species of hawk and does frequent southern Ontario. I think it was a male because you said it was dark gray, or black under the body and the female is lighter in color, also you had mentioned it had a yellow beak and this hawk does have yellow at the top of the beak and darker farther down. Hope I was able to help you out. What a beautiful sight it must of been for you.

I'm not sure
by: Barb (your Webmistress)

Perhaps one of our readers will know what this might be - thank you for writing to tell us!

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