Great Horned Owl Reports

by Laura, Tammy, Louise
(Guelph, Orangeville, Penetanguishene)

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Laura from Guelph reported ... tonight I was walking my dog on Downey Rd in Guelph and I heard a Great Horned Owl calling very distinctive so I walked along Downey and saw it at the top of a large pine tree. It was too dark to take a picture but the owl was quite large and I could make out it’s shape, and it was perched at the top of the tree at 146 Downey. I believe that a few years ago an EIS confirmed that there was nest in the wooded area between Downey Rd and the Hanlon Creek. I have not heard an owl in a long time since this area was developed and I am so glad I heard it tonight. I listened to the owl calls on the web and I am positive fromm the size outline and calls I heard that it was a Great Horned Owl. Thank you for your informative web page.

Tammy from Orangeville said ... it was 4 am on a day in 2018, I was fast asleep in my bed in Orangeville, Ontario. I could hear what I thought was Mourning Doves singing. I soon realized that it was not the sound of Mourning Doves, but the sound of a owl. I quickly got out of bed and peeked through my blind to see if my suspicion was true. To my amazement there on my neighbors roof was a huge Great Horned Owl. I woke up my husband instantly to show him. He was in complete awe with it. I went to open my blinds to take a picture and it flew off. The wing span of the owl was at least 4 feet long. When seeing the owl I never felt such a sense of peace and tranquillity in my entire life. This definitely was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I continue to talk about my experience with everyone.

Louise M from Penetanguishene wrote to say ... I saw a beautiful Great Horned Owl in the woods on the top of an old birch tree right off the waters of Georgian Bay in Penetanguishene. The owl was beautiful and very large. Our golden retriever had found a small bird carcass in our yard and we wondered where it had come from, but unknown to us only about 1000 feet away was a Great Horned Owl perched on the dead tree. It was a gift from God to see such a magnificent creature in all of it's glory, what a gift to humans. I pray that as humans we continue to protect their habitat and the species that the Lord has entrusted us to protect and preserve. Only the other day we saw a porcupine up a 60 foot tree sunning itself on a cold winter day in the bright sunshine. The porcupine was in the same forest as the owl. The porcupine gently turned to look at us and it appeared to have a smile at the sunshine as he turned to look at the bright blue sky. This again was another gift from God, a glimpse into this glorious world that he has created and that we are forever indebted to protect. The First Nations people have their priorities correct unlike the rest of the modern world, our goal and priority should be to preserve these lands and the creatures that dwell within them. If humans don't step up what will happen to the future of these wonderful creatures. Thank you for your website and information on our beautiful land and creatures.

Thank you all so much for sending your reports, I'm sure our readers will enjoy them too.

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