Five Coyote Sightings

by Robert, Tammy & others .....
(All across Ontario!)

We recently had reports of Coyotes seen in various parts of the province.

The first was submitted by Robert, from Lefaivre, Ontario, who said ..... A pair of Coyotes crossing Milton Rd going east through the fields in Navan, Ontario, at 12:30 p.m. We also hear them often at night yelling and howling out in the fields near Lefaivre, Ontario.

A reader from Collingwood, Ontario, said ..... Off highway 26 my parents spotted a Coyote in their backyard, near Blue Mountain Car Dealership.

Tammy, from Roseneath, Ontario, says ..... I live in Roseneath, Ontario, and we have many Coyotes. We see them in open fields and in our yards. We hear them frequently as well.

A reader from Waterloo tells us ..... Coyote spotted repeatedly in playground behind Sandowne School in Waterloo, Ontario. It is an issue when they are hanging around where children play. I think they should be put down if they will return if relocated.

Another reader wrote to say ..... At curb on north side of Hunt Club Road in Nepean at 8:15pm, February 21, 2012, about halfway between Merivale and Woodroffe,intently watching the traffic go by.
Was shocked, as I didn't know they were in area. Wondered if it was a Coyote or Wolf.

Thank you all for writing to tell us about your Coyote sightings, these animals certainly are alive and well in Ontario!

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Coyote Sightings
by: Anonymous

We have regular sightings of coyotes and recently saw a coyote chasing our small cockapoo through the fields from our barn to the farmhouse. It was right at her heels! Fortunately, our dog outran the coyote!
2 weeks later a coyote was spotted at the bottom of our field right in front of the farmhouse.
It looked the same - very pale brown and long legged.
This was in the Georgian Peaks (Blue Mountain) area.

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