First Robins of Spring 2010

by Sandy Dehem
(Lexington MI)

Sandy, one of our readers, sent us this report - My mother lives on Lake St. Clair, just outside Metropolitan Beach in Harrison Township, MI.

She saw two male Robins on Sunday, February 28, 2010 and four more a couple of days later. Its good to hear they are back.

I live in Lexington, MI in a heavily wooded manufactured home community on the shore of Lake Huron. A couple of years ago in late March I arrived home at dusk to the beautiful, rather raucous sound of dozens of Robins.

I was very pleased to learn from your blog that this likely meant they had arrived at their destination and were announcing it. They sounded joyful and excited - I thought perhaps it was just me being that glad to hear them - from what you said, it is likely that they were indeed celebrating!

Thank you Sandy, for telling us about the first Robins this spring!

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