Face to face with the wolves again this morning

by Lori
(Cobourg, Ontario, Canada)

This morning while walking my two dogs Freedie and Beau on a trail behind a corn field just outside of Cobourg, Ontario, I came face to face with three Wolves!

Freedie was off leash, Beau my protector - a Great Pyrenees - was on leash by my side.

Each of the Wolves appeared from behind the large and well spaced out cedar trees. They appeared in a semi circle - came out and retreated one by one - they were about 20 feet away.

My dog will attack anything, so she went for each of them, but finally returned to me as I was screaming frantically until all of the Wolves ran away.

Eight days ago while walking my dogs on another trail we stumbled upon an attempted wolf kill. Both dogs caught a scent and took off.

I saw a scattering of animals run through the bush and in trying to figure out if they were deer, I came face to face again with another Wolf - this time it was about 30 feet away.

I was distracted by Freedie who was barking non-stop at the top of the riverbank and I immediately suspected that she was face to face with a pack of Wolves down below, as normally she would have run down the bank right into the river, so I ran to her rescue.

What I found instead was a Deer, throat bleeding and back end ripped apart - standing helplessly in the river. My heart went out to the poor deer, but then I immediately wondered where Beau was, as he was dragging a 20 foot leash, and I feared that he would be defenseless if he got tangled up on a root or a tree.

I also thought that I should get out of the area for fear that we were being circled by the Wolves. I found Beau at the top of the ravine all tangled up.

I went home and told my husband about the poor deer who was obviously in shock as it was shaking and bleeding.

He said the the wolves will go back and finish the job so not to worry, so the next morning I just had to go back there to see if the Wolves got their feast and was shocked to find the deer still alive - standing in the same place in the river.

I came home and called several organizations and I was eventually lead to the OPP who came out and shot the deer - it was heartbreaking to watch.

I stayed away from the area for a day because I couldn't bear to see the dead deer lying in the river bed, but when I went back 2 days following I was somewhat relieved to find that the Wolves had enjoyed their prey after all.

All that was left of the deer was the spinal cord and ribs which had been cleaned to the bone.

I guess I witnessed the circle of life.

Still very curious about the hunting habits of these creatures, but what I have discovered is where there are deer the wolves are not far away.

Thank you for telling us about your experience! I will also post this on our facebook page.

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what can they do
by: Pat

Wolves are only looking to get food to survive and feed their young. The sad part for them is that they are moving more into areas that have higher population due to the land they live on being cleared for future development. Where are the Wolves to go? These and all creatures pay the price for man wanting to continue to over populate and destroy this planet.

Compassion regarding Wolves
by: Jane Gateman

I am grateful so far that I have not seen the deer kill, it would be difficult for me, as well.

My experiences, so far, in the woods have been pleasant. I have only observed small bloody foot prints along the ski trail at Bass Lake, the paw trails appeared to be of a Raccoon, one of my favorite animals. This was difficult enough for me.

Thank- you for calling the Police to put the animal out of it's misery. I will know now what to do if I should encounter such an experience.

The deer was more than likely standing in the river to slow the bleeding down, especially if the water was cold/cool, and to drink, when able to. So so sad.

Jane Gateman

by: Tammy

Lori, thank you for telling us your very descriptive story. It was very poignant & I'm so sorry to hear about the sadder aspects. I'm glad Freedie & Beau were ok, but my gosh, that poor, poor deer. That must have been very difficult (and I truly hope the deer is in a much happier place). I hope it was a bit comforting for you to tell us the story.

I'm finding it hard to fully realize that Wolves are so far south. I have a little dog & I keep thinking we just have to watch out for Coyotes in this rural, forested area.

My neighbour actually saw a moose on our road recently! Elk have also been spotted in the immediate area. We've also had black bears in our yard & we only live about 1/2 north of the 401, between Belleville & Kingston, Ontario.

We work to keep the outside area clean, no garbage or feeding birds from March to November, etc., but I know it's time to do things like carry bear spray on walks now (there's forest on both sides). Chances are we'll never have a problem, but just in case.

We have such a deep respect & admiration for the wildlife here, but I'm often reminded that they are completely wild.

A rural friend was explaining recently that Wolves were naturally farther south at one time & we had few, if any Coyotes. When massive logging & agricultural clearing happened in Ontario, the Wolves moved north with the forests & the Coyotes east with the cleared fields. Now that the forests are returning & maturing, wolves are making a comeback & Coyote-Wolf hybrids are becoming less rare.

Lori, thanks for providing more insight into Wolves. As a recent post suggested, it seems time to learn to be wise & safe with more species of wild animals. Thank you for inspiring me to do that more.

Very best wishes to you,


Cobourg Wolves Hunt Deer
by: Mary Lynn

I just wondered. Are you sure the Wolves you saw were Wolves and not Coyotes?

And also, quite often the OPP will put a deer out of their misery but usually they take the deer (somewhere).

They may have field-dressed the deer on the spot and left what you saw.

If they were Wolves, they may not have returned after you and your dogs scared them off as Wolves are far more reticent to tangle with man and dogs, than are Coyotes.

What an amazing dog walk you had. Sad too. But remember, that deer running in front of cars have killed and injured a lot of people. So the Wolves and Coyotes are at least keeping things in balance.

Good thing you have big dogs. They may have killed a small dog.

I have come face to face with Coyotes for the last 15 years many times on dog walks, but have never seen a Wolf yet.

There seem to be many Wolf sightings now in southern Ontario.

Be careful.

by: Rick

I live in pretty much the same area.

Just wondering where you were to have seen such an amazing site?

I spend a lot of time outside and have only ever seen the odd Coyote, but this is way better than that!

Glad your dogs are okay too

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