Dog walker

by Sue
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Today December 5, 2012 at approximately 8 am. I took my four dogs out for a run in the bush on Commissioners Road East (by Meadowlily) in London, Ontario, when I sighted a beautiful coyote.

At first thinking it was a house pet I waited for the parents to follow behind. I soon realized that it was a Coyote. It was beautiful and looked much like a Wolf.

The Coyote did nothing when the dogs went running and barking at it. It eventually just walked back into the bush.

It stood there and stared at me for a bit. Because it was only myself with four dogs, I decided to leave and educate myself a little more about these guys.

I am looking for some guidance as to whether or not I should be concerned about revisiting this bush because this is my favorite place to take them.

The are Aussie Shepherds and a 14 year old Boarder Collie/Husky.

It appeared to be on its own, but I understand they typically stay in pairs of two. It looked healthy, as in not starving.

I have been going there for months and this is my first sighting. I understand as well they are usually sighted dusk to dawn. Should I be going later?

We should definitely learn to live together happily.

Thank you for sending this to us - that is an interesting encounter, and you're right in thinking that just because you only saw one Coyote, that doesn't mean that there aren't more around.

I'd walk my dogs when there may be more people around, there's safety in numbers, and keep your dogs leashed because one of the tricks that Coyotes use, is to appear playful to dogs and once they have got the dog playing and following them, the other Coyotes appear, and then the results can be terrible for your family pet.

In Native lore, the Coyote is called "The Trickster" because of his cunning ways!

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