Dinner time in the backyard - August 29, 2012

by Deborah Ray
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

We had just finished eating an early supper on our back porch, when my husband noticed a movement in the large trees at the back of our yard.

Although we couldn't get a really clear view, we could tell there was a good-sized Hawk eating its dinner up in the tree.

We grabbed a zoom lens camera and snapped away, although we could not see the whole bird, or exactly what the prey was.

After the bird finished eating it flew away.

We were reviewing the photos, trying to see it more clearly, when it returned, and landed on the wire next door, giving us a spectacular view, and several more photos.

We are pretty sure this awesome creature is a Cooper's Hawk. What we are not sure about is whether it is the long-time (3+years) resident from the next block, or if it is just passing through.

Wow, what an amazing picture - it is a lovely close-up and I'm sure one of our readers will know exactly what this bird is, although, I think you're right, it looks like a Cooper's Hawk to me too.

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