Did I See a Snowy Owl?

by Karen Young
(St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

While I was driving near Aylmer, Ontario, I saw a large white bird with a square flat looking head.

The bird had a different flight compared to most birds I have ever seen. I thought I was seeing things. The bird flew over my car as I drove down Ron McNeil Line near Hwy. 73.

Later that week, I was visiting my parents. My father is a bushman and cuts firewood for a living. He graduated Forest Ranger School in Dorset, Ontario in 1963. Following that, he worked for the former Department of Lands and Forests. He is also an avid hunter and fisherman. I figured he would be able to explain what I thought I saw better than anyone.

He claims I most likely saw a Snowy Owl. He said he spotted two of them himself this year. He also said that a friend of his had two sightings.

I wish I had a picture. Unfortunately I was driving by myself when I saw what I believe to be a Snowy Owl.

Is this possible?

Hello Karen, believe it or not, I too saw a Snowy Owl in January 2014 on Ron McNeil Line, between highways 74 and 73!

I have lived in St Thomas for 30 years and have never seen one before, and I am wondering whether the extra cold weather we have had this winter has encouraged them to spend the winter this far south.

Thank you so much for writing to tell us about your owl sighting!

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Snowy Owl
by: I love owls

We also saw a Snowy Owl sitting on the side of Old Mill Road heading out to the Shedden, Ontario, area. The bird was massive and quite the sight to see one so close! It was remarkable, and I would only hope to be as lucky to encounter one again maybe next year.

Snowy Owl
by: Joey

Hi, I'm sure what you saw was a Snowy Owl. There has been an overabundance of them this year in Ontario, Quebec and as far south as the US. I've read articles stating that there was an overpopulation of lemmings, their favorite meal. They will be migrating back to the Arctic soon, so get your camera and go back to where you saw it as they generally hang around the same are for quite some time. I have spotted and photographed several this year in the same spot.

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