Deer Everywhere

by Barb (your Webmistress)
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

Doe eating apples on the driveway

Doe eating apples on the driveway

We have lived in our home outside St Thomas, Ontario, for 25 years and when we first moved there we would see deer occasionally, but over the years we have seem more and more of them.

They don't seem scared of us at all and we see them daily now, whether in the morning or evening, sometimes close to the house, and other times they are in the field or orchard.

In summer we see mostly does with their fawns, but this past month they have been visiting us in the mornings close to our front door because they are eating the tiny apples that fall off our tree which overhangs the driveway.

In winter we tend to see herds of deer together in our field.

I love watching them as the females bring their fawns, sometimes just one, most often two, but one year we saw a doe with three youngsters.

The deer cross our field from where they spend the day resting under the trees (we know this because the grass and weeds are flattened by them lying there) to get to the river to drink.

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