by Sandra Oliver
(Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

My friend and I, plus my small 5 lb Maltese dog, were walking along the bluffs at the bottom of Morningside Avenue in Scarborough, Ontario, this evening around 8:30 p.m.

Along the path I spotted, what I thought was, a small deer who went into the bush, but just behind him was another one that jumped off the path and went into the bush - because there were 2 of them, and they were larger than a Coyote about the size of a large shepherd I knew they were Coywolves.

I've lived along the bluffs all my life and grew up climbing them and never saw Wolves or Coyotes before - this was a bit unnerving as I had my small Maltese who they would have taken for a rabbit.

We cut through a bordering backyard to get onto the residential street and away from them.

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There ARE Coywolves
by: Anonymous

Wolves and Coyotes do mate. There is a scientific study on it and DNA and historical data. They exist around Toronto in large numbers. They are not super wolves or super dangerous. It is an evolutionary process.

Coywolves.. yes
by: Emily

Dear Anonymous, there are such thing as coy-wolves. They are a problem on the East coast.. although that is the only area I have heard of them. I really hope this hybrid isn't spreading!!

No such thing as Coy-Wolves
by: Anonymous

Wolves don't mate with Coyotes, if it wasn't a coyote you saw than chances are it was 2 young wolves. coyotes are scared of wolves and they would never mate together, wolves mate for life. no such thing as Coy-Wolves...

Thanks for your comments - many scientists and researchers are familiar with the genetics and behaviour of Coy-Wolves, and The Eastern Coyote Research Project and Scientific American Magazine - the Coywolf have information about these animals.

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