by Eric
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Kitchener, Ontario and I was in a forest in the general area of Blockline Road, where the new houses have been built.

This forest is known for its widespread of deer, there's even a sign for deer on the road when you drive into this area.

Yesterday when I was walking around this decent-sized forest, I was searching for deer. I was following their obvious tracks as they lead to the river and then into the clearing of the forest.

While I was looking at these tracks I noticed paw prints that belonged to a dog on some kind, but there were no human tracks to identify this as a dog on a leash, but it looked like where the deer were drinking water these "dogs" or maybe Coyotes came and scared them off?

Attacked them? I don't know. As I continued on, deeper into the forest I stopped for little bit and heard two (dogs or coyotes?) either fighting each other or play fighting, it was just a lot of growling and yelping.

It sounded like a Coyote because of the distinct sound.

Is it common for Coyotes to be in these parts?

There are lots of rodents for them to eat in this forest and it has easy access from the highway (and I say highway because they are known to travel beside highways) so it shows it could have travelled here.

So should I be careful going into this forest for now on, or continue to watch deer?

Hi Eric - thanks for your interesting account of your walk in the forest - despite the two recent incidents involving Coyotes (one child attacked this year, and a young woman killed out east) there are actually very few reports of healthy, wild Coyotes attacking humans.

Their usual habit is to co-exist with us, without us even being aware of their existence, and they usually "keep themselves to themselves".

I would suggest that you make noise as you go along - although, that might make seeing the deer less likely, but you don't want to startle a Coyote either!

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