Coyotes Tecumseh / Windsor borderline

by Cody
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

About 4 days ago my girlfriend and I spotted two Coyotes running down our road, right off of Banwell Road.

I tried to get a close up on them but my video camera wasn't working of course, my luck, anyhow tonight I went for a ride around the block while having a cigarette at about 2am and the two Coyotes ran right out in front of me this time.

I quickly turned around and grabbed my cell phone out of the ashtray and intensely followed them, it was pretty cool seeing them that close.

I have lived in Tecumseh for twenty years now and always heard them yelping as a kid, but now finally got to see them.

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Coyotes Windsor Ontario
by: Cindy

A Coyote killed a cat on Hall Street May 29th, 2019 block one north of Ottawa. Saw one a week previous crossing Riverside Drive from Pierre Street at 4:30 am. Saw another one on College cross from University Football field to firehall at 4:30 am.

Coyote sighting on St. Pierre
by: Anonymous

Saw one in my backyard last night. Scared the crap out of my golden retriever but my brother went out and scared it off.

by: .Anon

November 16 2015 - at 8:33 pm I spotted a Coyote just behind Home Hardware store in Tecumseh, running down the road. I took a double look to confirm. Guess my cat problem in the neighborhood will now go away.

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