Coyotes - Sighted in Toronto to Grey Highlands (Meaford, ON)

by James
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I've seen single Coyotes sneaking around the following Toronto locations and up in Grey County, Ontario:

1.) Humber River Trail - south of Lawrence Ave. W., down to the shore of the Humber River to Eglinton Ave. W. I often used to walk my beagle there until having a coyote stalk us from behind on 2 separate occasions. Last winter, there was a pack running wild that I had just missed, but other park walkers told me to beware.

2.) Caledonia Park - Lawrence Ave. W. & Caledonia Road. In this fall, this park is often filled with Canada Geese that seem to group before flying south. Last fall, at about 8:00am, I spotted a Coyote sneaking along a fence line, stalking geese. It stopped and stared at me before bolting.

Grey Highlands - between Beaver Valley and Meaford, Ontario. My family has an old farmhouse up there and in the past year, we hear packs of Coyotes at night, making their squabbling / yipping noises from nearby forests. We don't let out dog out unattended after dusk. A Meaford resident I know lost their Jack Russel to a Coyote one night on the outskirts of the town. Bitten by the throat and thrown around, it died quickly.

There's plenty of them and they're growing in numbers!

Thank you so much for letting us know about your Coyote sightings!

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