Coyotes on Mississauga Golf and Country Club

by Michael Graham
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

I've recently taken a part time job for the summer (I'm retired) at Mississauga Golf and Country Club... cutting fairways. The course is very mature, is nestled in the beautiful Credit River valley, and features a broad range of wildlife.

Coyote sightings are very common and I must say the lack of concern or fear of humans is a bit unsettling. They roam the course in broad daylight with seemingly no fear at all, in fact they seem to be oblivious of golfers and staff as they (usually alone) stalk the area for food.

While I appreciate the opportunity to see these magnificent animals up close, I must admit to mixed feelings while dumping grass clippings in isolated areas of the course on my own just moments after seeing one wandering around in the open only minutes before and just a few hundred yards away.

To my knowledge, there have been no incidents on the course involving humans, but the brazen lack of fear of these animals is a bit of a concern to me.

It would be a concern to me too!

I think your are right to be concerned, and should make sure that you make noise as you go about your work - that way the Coyotes will be aware of your presence.

Maybe one of our readers will know a sure-fire way of keeping you safe.

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