Coyotes On Bovaird

by Jackie
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

At about 10:30pm on Thursday November 15, I was walking my 2 dogs along the Etobicoke Creek Trail just south of Bovaird Drive in Brampton, Ontario.

I usually let the dogs off leash to explore in the bushes and trees even though it's not a leash free park (no one's around at that time anyway).

But tonight the dogs were too excited about something, so I did not let them off and thank goodness I didn't!

As I came close to the street I spotted a BIG Coyote on the hill, it started to approach us and my Cane Corso growled at it.

The Coyote backed off a bit, but then I looked behind me and there was another one and they were circling us! I wanted to take pictures with my phone but they were really getting close and I was really getting scared especially since I was also pushing a stroller with my infant son in it.

I started running up the hill with the dogs and the stroller to the street and they were still following!

I ran another 50 meters, looked over my shoulder and they had stopped following, but one of them was still watching me.

I don't know anything about Coyote behavior but I felt like they were hunting us and they were smart enough not to continue on to the road.

They seem very brave as well to think they could take on a Husky and a Cane Corso, could they?

How could I have scared them off?

Wow, those were pretty brazen about watching and following you. You were right to leave, but I probably would have walked, rather than ran, as running can trigger any dog (or Coyote) to chase you.

Is it possible for you to walk with other people?

Also, the Coyotes are likely more active when it is dark, and are hunting then, so if you can, walk your dogs and baby, when it is daylight.

Perhaps other readers will have ideas for you.

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Coyotes in North York again
by: Michele

I can appreciate how heart-pounding and frightened you must have been, especially for the safety of your infant son, yourself and your two dogs whether they are a large breed or not. They are family too.

My friend and I experienced a similar encounter as of recent. I had written a comment on May 10/12, in response to, "Coyotes at Midnight in Brampton", sighting a lone Coyote travelling Southbound along Black Creek Drive just north of Lawrence Ave., W., in North York. Nothing deterred it from the scent it was obviously on. We were surprised when it went into the brush and up the embankment to a bridge where we have to cross during our walk. Needless-to-say, our senses were heightened as we crossed that very bridge and have been ever since.

On November 6/12, while walking our toy poodle and approaching that same bridge, my friend stopped abruptly and said not to move and not to go any further. To our horror, there it was... perhaps the same coyote and it had seen us, no more than 5 or 6 houses away. After sniffing around and jumping back and forth between a small, poled fence separating a front lawn from the sidewalk, it proceeded to approach us. We turned around and back-tracked always looking behind and around us as coyotes are sneaky. The hairs stood up on my back. My friend finally carried our little poodle most of the way home, ever aware of its possible presence perhaps by jumping fences and/or cutting through backyards.

Obviously, the 6 ft. chain-link fences installed to keep children from wandering onto the highway do not stop these predators. How do we keep our children and pets safe from coyotes?

We now try to walk our poodle during daylight hours but always vigilant. These wild canines are roaming around our neighbourhoods as we have encroached further into their habitats.

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