Coyotes NE of Port Perry

by Tara Baudry

We have lived in this area for only several years, but experienced these large varmints on many occasions.

Latest sighting was in someone's backyard, high on a hill at intersection of Highway 7A and Island Road.

It was a sorry looking critter. Very poor coat condition and very skinny tail. Perhaps it had mange. Never seen one in that bad of shape before.

I was also surprised 2 winters ago upon taking a hike on a quiet snowmobile trail in the middle of the day. I was heading back home, when I came to a bend in the trail and out pops this beautiful, large Coy-wolf!

Thankfully, it had no interest in me, and walked away into the woods. It was both an awesome and unnerving experience.

So, since then, I have gotten my hunting license just in case one is not so forgiving of my intrusion.

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