Coyotes in the Sifton Bog

(London, Ontario)

Well, Readers, we seem to be having a lot of Coyote sightings here in Southern Ontario, here is one from London, Ontario - I live in the Oakridge area of London and I often hear Coyotes howling during the night.

Last night I was driving on Hyde Park Road, south of Oxford Street, when a large, redish coloured Coyote ran out in front of my car, stopped and then ran back to the wooded area adjacent to the Sifton Bog.

The car came within feet of hitting it. I estimate this animal weighed approximately 60lbs.

The coyote population seems to have displaced the large White Tailed Deer population in the Sifton Bog and the surrounding urban area.

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I saw a Coyote
by: Anonymous

I live on the border of the Sifton Bog, London, and just saw a Coyote track the fence line of my backyard (Jan 9th 2011, 11:00am).

It was definitely an adult and larger than I expected. Now I truly understand why there are so many "Missing Cat" messages posted in our area!

After so many years of witnessing the White Tailed Deer (there are some still in the bog) it is amazing to see this type of wild life within the city limits.

It is true...there are Coyotes in the Sifton Bog
by: Anonymous

I live in the Oakridge area myself, and have heard people speculate that there are Coyotes in the Sifton Bog. I was out walking back in the bog just recently and I was told by someone I knew that was passing by, about the Coyotes, and he said you can hear them especially when a fire truck goes by with the sirens, they howl he said.

I kept on but was not really sure if I believed that or not. Within 5-10 minutes of me hiking back in the bog, a fire truck went by.

I then heard the howl of the Coyotes and then barking. The howl wasn't so bad, but the barking sounded like it was right next to me ..... I got scared and ran out.

People and kids as well as pets seem to walk back there all the time, and it seems safe. I guess for me it was a little startling and I kinda feel sorry for the aninal to be truthful. Their homes have been invaded and the bog is all they have left.

Hear them all the time
by: Chris

Anyone that lives near the Sifton Bog surely hears them frequently. They make some racket several times a week, and if you sleep with your windows open, you can hear them quite clearly, usually around 2am-4am. I live near Hyde Park and I love to know they are out there. Awesome having this natural area and its animals so close.

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