Coyotes in south Ajax

This evening, November 27th 2012, around 7:05 pm I was walking my dog down but the lake.

A week ago I had seen one Coyote. I stayed on the north side of lake driveway on the sidewalk, walking by the Breaker condos.

To my surprise by the edge of the curb across the street on the lake side, there stood a Coyote watching me and my dog .... and well just feet over from him another partner.

Well I was afraid, not knowing these animals so well and my dog wanted to start barking but for some reason he did not, so I kept him, short leashed next to me, and kept moving around the corner and up Harwood.

They followed close by almost wanting to come closer, I was no nervous and just kept a slow pace and short cuts to get home.

It truly does make me nervous.

Cathy from South Ajax

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Horrible feeling
by: High Alert

I fully see where your coming from...I had a similar incident tonight with my 2 pound chihuahua in north end St Catharines - a coyote came suddenly from behind a bush where they are building a new subdivision. It stood there watching my dog and me. I crossed the street only to have it follow us. I picked my dog up and flagged a passing car down and explained what happened,they were very kind and drove me home, but as we were driving away we saw it go to the top of the hill and sit there...then started howling, it was a very eerie feeling to the point that my hair stood up on back of my neck. Will never walk down that street again at night.

Health & Safety Concern
by: Mike

I agree with you , it is very concerning, it appears that no-one wants to take the bull by the horns and get these animals relocated. One of my major concerns is for the children playing at Rotary park, not sure what it will take for the town to be proactive, I would hate to think that a small child has to get seriously hurt for them to react.

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