Coyotes in Sarnia

by Em
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

Me and my friend were sleeping in a tent in my backyard and it was about 1:00 am and we were hearing Coyotes sounds.

So we get out of the tent and we see 5 - 7 Coyotes in the nature trail behind our backyard.

We ran in my house.

Never sleep in a tent outside in Sarnia!

I won't, it sounds too scary for me!

Other people have also seen Coyotes in Sarnia.

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Coyotes in Sarnia
by: eric

I live in the Canatera Park area. My wife and I often walk at dusk when they're out and about and I have had them bop my hand with their nose and follow beside us for some distance. All the encounters I've had have been playful with no hint of aggression. I was wondering why they were so friendly. So that's my experience with them.

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