Coyotes in Sarnia

by Hellen Mantha & P.O.C.
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

Two of our readers have seen Coyotes in Sarnia, Hellen says ..... I saw a Coyote chasing a rabbit on November 3rd 2012 in Canatra Park in Sarnia, Ontario. It was about 1:00 pm. They ran across a trail I was walking on.

They have been around the south end of the city for a few years now. A lot on people in Sarnia have seen them around the park area.

P.O.C. tells us ..... November 23, 2012 6:00 pm. Coyote sighted in the city, running from the Sarnia Golf Club across Christina Street. It stopped very briefly in the middle of the road to pick up a squirrel (road kill). Then ran off the road & stopped to look at us, with the squirrel hanging from its mouth, as we drove by.

There have been a pair living on the golf course, and Canatara Park to the north, for several years now.

Two years ago, on the same golf course, I saw one resting in the rough. I drove the golf cart over to take a closer look, it got up & trotted into the woods.

Thank you both for letting us know about these sightings

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Lots of Coyotes in Sarnia
by: Anonymous

Was over at my nieces place Christmas day and she said her husband has seen Coyotes on his way to work for years. They live near us and Canatra park.
They also have had them in their back yard.

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