Coyotes in Port Hope

by Joel
(Port Hope, Ontario, Canada)

My wife and I live in Port Hope near a town park with soccer fields and a trail system. We enjoy walking our dog along the trail in the evenings and early mornings.

Over the last 2 years we have encountered Coyotes on several occasions along this trail. Most recently one watched me and our dog from a short distance across the soccer field and even began to follow us which I found a bit unnerving.

Is this normal behavior for one of these animals? He/she seemed very inquisitive and a little bold.

I love seeing animals in their natural habitat but should we be taking any precautions?

Thanks for your interesting site!


Thanks for your email Joel. I would be cautious if I were walking a dog after dusk, especially if my dog were small. I'd also not go for a walk with my dog if I were alone, I'd rather go with a friend.

Usually, when there is other prey available, such as rabbits and mice, the Coyotes will leave people and their pets alone, but if the animal were hungry, who knows whether it would see your pet as a tasty snack!

Thanks - I'm glad you like my website! Some people use their spare time to knit, some people play chess or watch TV, I build this website!

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