Coyotes in Mississauga

by Anon
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Every night for the past week I have been hearing what I first thought was a dog, then dogs.

I then began to realize they were coming from Tom Chater Park by College Way and Loyalist Road.

They howl, but bark as well, and that's how I determined they were Coyotes and not Wolves, as Wolves tend to howl more and longer in duration.

My cousin said she spotted two Wolves last night, but I don't know if she just mistook it for a Wolf, but she was convinced because she knows what Coyotes look like.

Are Wolves known to be spotted in Mississauga?

I can hear them now, they've been at it for hours and it's like this almost every night.

They bark and howl. Do Wolves bark at all?

Hi there!
If you click on this link, you will see a YouTube Video, and can hear the Coyotes Yipping Howl, and if you click here, there is a YouTube video where you can hear the Howl of the Wolf, which is different

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Cyote/wolf mississauga
by: Anonymous

There is a large one I have seen roaming almost every night now near Huron Rec. I live in the condos right behind and this thing is not scared. There are lots of small children, pets and people that are always walking around here. Spread the word and be careful people.

by: Anonymous

I'm pretty sure what she saw were Coyotes. Wolves might make their way into Mississauga but it would be very rare. There are actually coyote/wolf hybrids that have started appearing even in Toronto neighbourhoods, which could make them look more like Wolves and also make them bigger. David Suzuki actually did a documentary on it based in Toronto and a couple US cities. See if you can find it.

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