Coyotes in Birchmount and McNicoll area

by George V
(Scarborough Ontario)

I live by L'Amoreaux Park, and I see these guys walking up and down the walking path weekly, and if I don't see 'em, I can hear them!

Most of the times I see one waking up and down the path, but last winter exactly 10 ft from my back yard I saw as many as 8! That night was magical - they were playing with one another, I remember seeing 2 of em jump on top on what could have been the father, he was rather large, they were play biting one another. I know they are not pack animals, so i assumed they were a younger family, some looked much smaller.

I usually see them after 11pm, but in the summer I've seen them as early as 7pm - 8pm.

Sometimes as early as 6 am I'd see 'em running around in the forest by my house or the field.

Ive been seeing them in my location now for over 5 years, they are here to stay.

I worry that my cat will get attacked, she likes to venture in the forest and field at times, but I've been lucky that no Coyotes were around when she goes out there.

I don't mind seeing 'em, i actually think its amazing and spiritual in a way.

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by: Beth

Spiritual ..... yes indeed, when one stops to consider that all things in this universe are a creation of God's hands. When we create something we put, and reveal, a part of ourselves in that creation, and so it is with God's many and un-expressible creations. Those coyotes you are seeing living as coyotes are meant to live, also reveal a part of our many-faceted God. Thank you for sharing and Blessings

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