Coyotes in Barrie, Ontario

by Chris R
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

Hi my story starts on Thanksgiving Day 2012.

I live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. If you want to see the bush I was in go to Google Earth and type in Lackie's Bush Barrie Ontario this is where my story begins.

It was a Tuesday night and me and my two friends were going to our fort in the bush, on our way home from the fort we came across the local dog walker. She stopped me and my friends to talk to us. (Me and my friend are both 17 years old and my other friend is 20)

The dog walker is in her 50`s so my friends were a bit nervous to talk to her. She proceeded to tell us about a large group of Coyotes that has moved in and that live in the forest near the factory, that will come out at night. Our "fort" is near this factory.

Me and my friends have been going to this bush for about 5 years now, and we have never heard a single Coyote, so we didn't know what to think when she told us this. So we went our separate ways.

The following weekend me and the same two friends went to our fort to drink and smoke up. It is later in the year so the sun sets a lot earlier than normal. We had foolishly forgotten about what the dog walker had told us the week before.

So me and my friends are at this fort smoking and drinking and it is starting to get late and the sun is starting to go down, so we then proceeded to make and light a fire. It was now 7:27 pm and the sun has fully set, the fire has been lit for about 10-15 minutes.

We then start to hear fire sirens, so my friend starts to get really scared because he thinks they are coming for us. We then here a faint bark in the distance and my friend starts to pack his stuff up fast, I mean FAST! Then both my friends start to panic.

(While this is all going on I am only thinking of what the dog walker told us about the Coyotes)

My one friend thinks we are getting hunted by the fire fighters and there dogs, but all of a sudden the sirens stop, every one them goes dead silent and we are all standing still, not making a move or a sound.

Then all of the sudden the barking stops and I look at my friend and at that point we both realized it wasn't a firefighter dog we had heard. As we are looking at each other and realize what is going on, six or eight coyotes all start to howl and bark and yip.

This time it wasn't a faint bark, and it sounded about twice to three times as close. We then all start to scramble around and grab our stuff as quickly as possible. The barks and howling didn't stop, it only got closer.

At this point we are just trying to get the f*** outa there cause we didn't have any weapons on us and it sounded like they were too close for us to stop and make a spear, so we just ran. We all got out safely, but this story isn't over here.

Last night a group from my school wanted to have a big bush party, drink have a BBQ etc.... so me and my two friends thought "Nooooo wayyyy", we are not going back there at night.

We all thought about it and decided to go, but this time we wanted to be the hunters and not the hunted, so me and my friends got there early, before dark so we could make some weapons.

As the day went on, people started to show up for the party, then in no time it turned to night, so we started the fire.

We didn't hear any Coyotes for a while so we thought maybe they aren't hunting tonight, but then about 20 minutes later people start to BBQ some food. After 30 minutes of cooking bacon we heard a bark, and all 28 people at the party went dead silent. We then hear all the Coyotes start to howl with each other, but we didn't care about the Coyotes this time cause we had 28 people.

So, we continued to party then at around 11:00 pm our two friends left the party to go home and on their way home in the bush they run into 2 cops, so they call us and tell us that we have cops heading our way, so all 26 kids get up and run in different directions.

Six of us team up and start running in the forest and we finally make it out of the bush alive and not arrested, so we go to a elementary school across the road from the bush and we start to hangout there.

About 20 minutes after we left we hear the Coyotes going crazy!

We all forgot to grab our food and meat - we had left 3 packs of hotdogs, 2 packs of bacon and a pack of hamburgers and a pack of sausages.

We went back today and the packs were ripped to shreds and there were Coyote footprints in the sand.

So, that is my story. I will never forget it!

Thank you Chris, for sending this to us - I laughed so much when I read it, I can imagine the Coyotes eating all your food! I read this out to my husband over breakfast this morning and we couldn't eat properly we were laughing so much - you are a great story teller!

I took out your last name too, I don't want the Cops knowing who you are and where to find you, in case you go there to smoke-up again!

Thanks again for starting my day with a chuckle - I'm sure our readers will love this as much as I did!

Be sure to tell your friends where they can read this!

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by: Anonymous

I found this person's tale of the coyotes amusing on one hand but scary on the other. I don't mean being scared of coyotes. I admire them in their adaptability and intelligence and I find it frightening on their behalf that so many people have silly ideas that they are dangerous. I have them around the farm I live on in Barrie, Ontario as well and though I hear them singing and have followed the sounds trying to capture them on film and record their voices I've never been successful. If I, as an elderly woman, can go out alone and not be harmed by what is probably the same pack of coyotes (family unit), then I'm sure this person with the wild imagination would have been safe too. (For the record silly person a pack of coyotes consists of mom and dad and their babies from maybe a couple of litters - not so grand collection of viscous killers that have gotten together to do you in.) As for additional bad raps coyotes get, so many farmers that have might have any problems with their livestock being bothered should also research having a donkey or a llama to discourage them and then basically mankind would have no problems with them at all. I suggest everyone do some research before going into panic mode about coyotes, wolves and bears. We have to share this world with them.

Idiots in Lackie's deserve what they get
by: Anonymous

Thanks to people like you, Lackie's Bush is being destroyed for people who like to use it for hiking and dog walks. People burn the brush and trees, leave garbage and broken bottles everywhere, and generally make the bush look like a garbage dump. If I ever see people in there doing that, I WILL call the cops.

Good job bringing food for the coyotes, by the way. Way to increase the problem - it's because of people leaving food that they're now more in number and bolder around people. Also, if I ever see signs of fire at Assikinack school, I'll be calling the cops too.

Please, go find somewhere else to smoke up and drink.

Dear Anonymous, I softened up your comments a little, but your message is a good one

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