Coyotes in back yard

by Bobby
(Maple, Ontario, Canada )

I live in Maple behind a natural sugar bush protected government land, woke up in the morning 2 Decembers ago and from a distance I saw what I thought was a dog (often people hop the fence to walk their dogs).

Then four others appeared, a pack of five Coyotes. For a while I could see them scurrying around.

All the leaves were gone so I had a great view from my upstairs bedroom.

Then they were about 10 metres away from my fence line, just sitting, licking their paws looking quite content.

After 45 minutes or so they proceeded to leave out of clear view.

Later that night I saw two of them in the distance on the other side of the forested area and the next morning I saw two right by the fence line of my neighbour's other neighbour's fence, sniffing.

They have 2 small dogs, so that's when I went and told my neighbours to watch their dogs and told them of my sightings, and I haven't seen them since!

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