Coyotes in Aurora

by Rachel
(Aurora, Ontario)

The morning of April 11th, 2012, I was driving down McClellan Drive (Bathurst & Henderson).

A block in front of me, a Coyote ran right across the road and disappeared down a side street. I was shocked! I knew there had been sightings, but to see it up close at 7:00 a.m when it was bright, was surprising.

Kids are on their way to school or waiting at bus stops, joggers are out for their morning run and people are walking their dogs. This was scary.

At the time, I was wondering if it was a fox, but when I looked at pictures on the Internet, it confirmed my fear. The greyish animal with pointy ears was indeed a coyote! Residents be alert!

There are two schools in the neighborhood and playgrounds close by. And of course our beloved pets may be out in the back yard.

I wonder where the Coyote ended up - it was headed in the opposite direction of the forested area off of Henderson Road. I just can't shake visions of children out at that time walking to school.

If I was walking and encountered one, I wouldn't know what to do!

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Coyote in Bradford
by: Anonymous

I was walking with my West Highland Terrier at night and we ran into a coyote on the street. At first I thought it was an unleashed dog. It stopped dead in in tracks when it saw us, I picked my dog up, and it didn't approach. It stayed on the other side of the street, and avoided contact. All the new subdivisions in the area have taken over their old habitat. The encounter went surprisingly well. For some reason I always imagined that they would be more aggressive.

Coyotes in Aurora
by: Tracy

I also spotted a coyote in Aurora in early March 2012 near Yonge and Henderson. I was standing in my front yard at 12:20 a.m. waiting for my dog to go pee. I looked up and saw the coyote less than 50 feet from me. I grabbed the door and ran into the house so fast!

It was a year ago that I also found a bear cub in a tree at Case Woodlot at the corner of Bathurst and Henderson.

by: Jane Gateman

Your experience is so scary. Not too long ago I was running on a treadmill at the YMCA, and facing Peter Street in Orillia, and observed from out the window a Coyote crossing the road and entering the back yard of an apartment building. They are fearless. They are not at all threatened by humans. Neither are they interested in us.
I have observed a Fox, Coyote, Wolf on the Trail, in Hawkestone, near Bass Lake, where I walk every day, and neither of them bothered me at all.

Jane Gateman

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