Coyotes have been silent for the last 3 years...

(Wallacetown, Ontario, Canada)


We moved to the country about 1/2 hour west of London Ontario 6 years ago, this is our 7th summer.

We used to hear the Coyotes nightly and enjoyed it.

A cull was performed 3 years ago and our nights are now silent.

I've seen one in the last few years but that's all. That was in October 2015, crossing a road from one field to another at approximately 4:45 am. He paused at the side of the road as I slowed down, then continued on into the field.

I know they eat small creatures but the deer population out here has exploded since the cull making the roads even more dangerous to travel.

I miss the howls and yips.

How sad - we live just outside St Thomas and don't see many Coyotes, but it is counter productive to cull them all.

Here we see lots of rabbits and only a few Foxes, but over the next year or two we will see fewer rabbits and more Foxes as they breed well and raise their young. Then, the rabbit population crashes and we see fewer Foxes because there is less food.

That is a cycle of prey / predator.

If they leave the Coyotes alone, they will keep the deer population in check.

I will also post this on our Facebook page so that our Facebook followers can also stay up to date on the Coyotes in your area.


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Coyotes in the city
by: Anonymous

I think all the Coyotes have moved to the city. I live on a ravine in Toronto and we see them a lot.

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