Coyotes at Degrassi Point

by Whitney Ellis
(Degrassi Point, Ontario)

Last night at 2 am my two dogs were antsy so I took them out, thinking we were going to scare off Raccoons.

As I came around the corner of the cottage I spotted, what I thought was, a dog and one of my dogs took off back into the cottage.

The other dog began approaching the Coyote and I realized there were at least two or three others back by the road.

I yelled at my dog and he froze, I scooped him up and the Coyotes began yipping and calling back and forth. It sounded like there were others in the wooded area behind the cottage. I took my dog and ran inside.

Ive been coming to Degrassi since 1974 and have never seen or heard a Coyote here before.

Another cottager said she had one hanging around her cottage last winter.

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