Coyote seen at Blair St

by Janis
(Blair Street, Toronto, Ontario )

January 6 2012, East York

This is our second time seeing this Coyote in the Blair Street area.

It was one of the most beautiful, and at the same time, most scary things I have ever seen.

I watched the Coyote both times prance very gracefully up to the side street, look straight ahead towards the main street, and then it was gone.

I got out of the car to warn a passer-by but the Coyote was gone.

I am both scared and mystified at the same time ..... I know they are dangerous but at the same time feel blessed to keep seeing this wild coyote.

It makes you appreciate, stop for a moment and realize that there is so much more in the world then just us.

Although we do not live in the Deep woods, Deer, Foxes, and now Coyotes I have seen in East York. I know my limits with them and respect them in their habitat, but feel an almost surreal experience when I see one of these beautiful animals, although I am still scared and so should you be, so don't approach them as I do not either!

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