Coyote Questions

by Several Readers

Sandra, one of our readers from Rockwood, Ontario, sent us her report ..... Coyote seen tonight at 9:45 pm from out back yard patio. We have two small dogs and rushed the dogs in the house. The Coyote was about 100 feet from us. We are worried if this coyote is hunting my dogs down for food. From a concerned dog owner.

Laura from Georgetown, Ontario, also asks ..... Hello again its Laura from Georgetown. Something strange is going on? Has anyone heard the Coyotes this year 2012? I have only heard them once and it was very weak. Have they moved on? Or could it be the recent sighting of a Cougar in the area?.
If anyone has seen or heard the Coyotes please write.

Dawne from Point Clarke, Ontario, asks ..... We just watched what we think is a Coyote pass right in front of the deck of our cottage in Pt. Clark, at Lake Huron. He was very red in colour, long legs, medium sized and looked as though he was molting with patchy fur. He (or she?) was actually quite beautiful. Has anyone else in this area seen it?

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