Coyote on my street in Richmond Hill

by Jo-Anne Tyborski
(Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)

I was walking my dog last night at approximately 7:00 p.m. and a coyote came within 5 feet of us on our street, which is just behind Hillcrest Mall.

I have a small dog and pulled him close to me, and the Coyote looked at him, then me, then him again, and then trotted off up the street.

I worry about cats and other small dogs the area now and all the little trick-or-treaters that will be out tonight.

I'm even afraid to let my dog out the backyard now.

I will have to start taking something with me that will protect us now when I take my dog for a walk. That was too close to home unfortunately.

The coyote was approx. 70 lbs and very tall. It looked quite healthy and was very beautiful, but I know they can be dangerous.

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I think they have become pack animals
by: Kevin Lougheed

I do see some lone Coyotes, but more often than not, traveling as a pack, normally a pack of 3 animals is what I have witnessed.

That's interesting, Kevin, thanks for reporting this. I know that Wolves ten to live in packs, and Coyotes live in family groups, so I wonder if this is what you are seeing? Perhaps parents with one of this year's young?

by: Jo-Anne

Just an update, after my encounter, I was stopped the next day by a neighbour telling me he has seen a bunch of coyotes in the neighbourhood over the past week and to be careful. He said they are travelling in groups/packs. There have been other sightings by so many people in this past week on streets all over behind the Hillcrest Mall. One even said she saw a coyote walking down the street at 4:00 in the afternoon!

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