Coyote on Municipal street in Guelph

by Ron D
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

My neighbour and I were outside in front of my house on Friday night September 8 2012. My lab started barking at something in the green space across the road.

A young Coyote walked out of the brush and was bold enough to lie in the middle of the road and stare at us.

All the while my dog was barking like crazy. I couldn't believe it, so I approached it thinking maybe it was just a dog. Nope. It got up and scurried back into the brush.

It did still hang around for the next half hour or so that we saw. It was too dark for a picture.

We have a lot of rabbits on this street and outdoor cats. Listen neighbours .... bring your cats in at night.

Tonight I will be ready with a proper camera and will post any pictures I may get.


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Coyotes in Wooded Area Along the Speed River Walking Trail
by: Bill

Hi, I live in Guelph as well. 2 weeks ago my brother and I were sitting out front of his apartment on Waterloo Ave just down from Woodycrest Drive around 10:30pm and we heard a pack of coyotes howling, it sounded like they were in the wooded area behind the houses at the end of Water Street the walking trail along the Speed River and the Hanlon. I would caution anyone Not to walk down there at night, especially walking their dogs, and also to keep their pets indoors.

My guess is, if someone walks down this trail alone with their dog at night not knowing there are a lot of coyotes, they will be encountered by coyotes cause if they are hungry enough, they will take your dog so be careful along this trail.

The trail I'm talking about is on Edinburgh Road across from the old O.P.P. station, the trail starts from Edinburgh Road (by the cross walk) and goes down along the Speed River up to Municipal Street.

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