Coyote in the Guelph Quarry

by Ryan V
(Guelph, Ontario )

Today two of my friends and I went for a walk in the Guelph quarry, we went in there a couple weeks ago for the first time because we were curious as to how big that place really was.

When we walk through there we stay above the cliffs in the long grass fields, and so far both times we have seen about 18 White Tail Deer.

But today was a little different because we ended up following a couple tracks that we thought were just fox tracks.

As we got to the far end of the field (where the street Collage would be on the other side of the fence) we were about to turn around to leave.

Right as we stopped to turn around the Coyote was moving at a good pace about 50 feet from us in the opposite direction from us.

This Coyote looked pretty big, we thought it was a dog at first, but it looked exactly like the one in the picture on this site.

The Coyote that we saw looked to be at least 45 - 55 pounds and it was about 3:00 in the afternoon.

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Coyote in the Guelph Quarry
by: Anonymous

I would like to mention that Wolves "Do Not" mate with Coyotes, never have and never will. Wolves and Coyotes never get a long and that is why they don't mate with each other. Coyotes will in fact eat your cat or small dog if they are not brought into the house at night cause to them it's just another animal to eat. Coyotes also don't like big dogs, the smaller dogs are easy and have no chance. If you are walking a small dog and you see a coyote pick your dog up and carry it cause if you don't it wouldn't take too long before the coyote rips your dog and leash out of your hand. When approached by a Coyote, make yourself look big and be loud and if you walk your dog at night carry a Bright flashlight cause they do not like loud noise and bright lights...

Thanks for your comments, however, I should point out that the National Geographic, NBC Science News and The Toronto Star confirm what scientists have found across the US and Canada - Wolf DNA in Coyotes, so it appears that they do mate and breed successfully.

Guelph Quarry
by: Ryan

Today we went back there to see if we could get a pic, but didn't see any Deer or Coyotes.

But what I noticed was my tracks from yesterday walking out from the quarry, yesterday it was all fresh snow I walked on, and no Coyote tracks.

But today when I spotted my tracks, there were tracks of a Coyote heading in the same direction I was going yesterday, these tracks followed mine right out of the quarry.

I thought that was a bit creepy seeing how it must have been following me from a distance.

Wow, Creepy for sure!

Guelph Quarry
by: Mary Lynn

You probably have lots of coyotes up there because of all the deer and all the wooded areas and those ¨kettles¨ as well.

I am not surprised your Coyote was large. I have seen some pretty big ones here in the Niagara Region - Beamsville & Grimsby to be exact.

Easily the size of a German Shepherd. Not afraid of me or my dogs either. And now Wolves and Coyotes are cross-breeding.

So be careful if you are walking with dogs - especially small dogs.

I love Wolves and Coyotes, but they are territorial and they are also, after all, wild.

Mary Lynn

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