Coyote in Port Hope

by Melanie
(Port Hope)

My husband and I walk our Dog (a Golden Doodle, 65 pounds) at the Rec Centre Area in Port Hope, Ontario.

Along a Trail, around the lower Soccer Fields, and I do this Walk, by myself every day, around mid-day. Been doing this Walk for over 2 years now, and never seen a Coyote. My husband and I do the Walk together in the evenings, around 6:00 p.m.

Last night, we spotted a Coyote on the Soccer Fields. He was just standing there staring at us. I'm a logical person, and pretty much realize they are probably more afraid of us, than we are of them. However, that changed, for me anyway, per the Coyote's reaction to us.

He was not fazed by us whatsoever. My husband walked right up to him, was within about 5 ft of him, the Coyote stood his ground, and just stared. My husband shouted at him, and he slowly made his way back into the Swamp area. Only to return 3 times, each time, just watching us. My husband approached him each time, and he did not run from him.

When we began to leave, the Coyote lay down in the grass and just watched us.

My concern, is the Coyote's reaction to us, he seemed unafraid of us, and our Dog (who is not a small dog). Our dog had no reaction at all, he just stared back at the Coyote.

I always felt, if I came across a Coyote on my Walk, he would run at the first sight of me. He didn't, I felt as though he was almost stalking us. I now have a real fear of them, validated or not. Should I be concerned, and should I continue doing this Walk?

Hmmmm.... I'm not sure. I'd say to be cautious, and walk with another person and their dog - keep your dog on a leash.

Perhaps other readers will have more advice for you.

If anyone reading this can advise Melanie, please do so by adding a comment here - thanks!

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Coyotes in Port Hope and Cobourg
by: Anonymous

Coyotes in Port Hope are common. I have seen one myself trot up Toronto Road towards the 401 early one summer evening in 2012. It is also common knowledge at Trinity College School that students have to avoid the woods and fields around the school down to the Rec Centre as there are coyotes there. There was a recent coyote attack on a pet dog in Cobourg. The endless subdivision building in Cobourg is driving the coyotes out of their natural homes and down into downtown area. Oddly enough, there has been a shift in nocturnal animals over the past year or two. I live near the beach in Cobourg, we now don't have skunks or small foxes any more, even the infamous downtown raccoons have gone. So it does make you wonder if this is to do with the increase in coyotes in this part of Ontario.

Coyotes in Brampton
by: Anonymous

Hi and thanks for the response.
Our yard backs on to a ravine and lately I've heard Coyotes down there. I haven't seen any, but you sure can hear them.
Thanks again,
Rod from Brampton

by: Rod - Brampton

I'm wondering if Coyotes are moving into the GTA and close by surrounding areas or have they always been there?

That's a good question.

It is my understanding that Coyotes moved east into Ontario from the Prairies, starting around a hundred years ago, and have gradually spread down the province, and are now over most of Ontario.

Unlike Wolves, who avoid humans, Coyotes seem to adapt well to living where there are people.

So, there have probably always been Coyotes in the Greater Toronto Area especially in ravines and river valleys, but they sometimes get quite bold and show themselves.

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