Coyote in my open back yard

by Young
(Unionville, Ontario, Canada)

I saw a gray Coyote in the afternoon around 2:00 PM on 8 December, 2012.

I live in Unionville, Ontario, backing onto the natural ravine with a strip of flood plain land running parallel to the creek of the Rouge River.

When I was playing with my 3 year old daughter in my house on the first floor, I saw a gray Coyote at the edge of ravine 60 feet away.

I see deer and other wild life like foxes in the back ravine quite often, but I have never seen a Coyote before.

It's light gray, turning head watching around vigilantly and it was alone; it's taller leg than fox, so I am sure it's a Coyote.

The grass is still green so I had a great view about it behind the window.

After 2 minutes or so it went into the bush before I get my camera.

I told my wife about my sightings, and both think it would be better to build our fence next summer instead of still leaving the back yard open to the ravine.

I agree, I think a fence would be a good idea - we have to keep our little children safe!

Thank you for sending us your report of this Coyote sighting!

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