Coyote in London, Ontario

On January 28, 2012 between 3:30 and 4:30 pm, I was hiking through the Westminster Ponds trails with my Transylvanian hound, Scout.

There were a few signs warning against hiking near dusk due to a coyote in the area.

The hike was calm until Scout spotted four deer on Western Counties Road, just east of the Reforest London office. After the deer scampered off, Scout froze.

Atop a small rise, was a wild-looking Canid.

Although both my dog and the wild guy were a good distance, and Scout was on a leash, they were fixated on each other and began to play and approach-and-bounce-backwards game.

It was only when a vehicle passed us on Western Counties Road that the Coyote darted away.

Thank you for telling us about the close encounter that you and Scout had with the Coyote.

Being playful is a typical Coyote behaviour, when they are trying to lure an animal, such as a dog, to run with them, but sadly, it often doesn't end well, as "play" is not the intended result!

In Native Mythology, the Coyote is known as "The Trickster" because of his cunning ways!

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by: Anonymous

I currently reside in a region with a large Coyote population. Coyotes can coexist with humans so long as we respect their space, do not feed or lure them, and do our best to prevent conflict with domesticated animals.
Regarding this thread: The bold response about coyote behavior was akin to telling someone who reported an unattended campfire that fire is dangerous and can burn things: the response was alarmist and arcane.
Instead of fear-mongering (e.g. "...(the coyote's) cunning ways!"), replies should provide helpful information about what readers should do during coyote encounters and how to safeguard themselves in similar situations.

Below is the link you provided to information about living with Coyotes.

Living with Wildlife - Coyotes

Thank you for your input, however, I hardly think that my suggestion that a Coyote will try to lure a domestic pet away, and kill it, is "fear mongering", but I have published your comments nevertheless.

Perhaps you could start a website of your own - it is easy to do with the SBI system - you can read more about it here on my My Passion section!

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