Coyote in Burlington Suburb

by Bob
(Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

This morning, December 27th at 6:30, I was shoveling snow when I was approached by a Coyote.

I tried gently pushing him away with my shovel and he went into my garage to eat from my green box.

I banged my shovel on the side of the house but he would not leave until he was ready.

I live near Newport park in the Headon Forest area of Burlington.

My wife first thought it was a dog but I can see by the pictures on the net that it was a Coyote.

Yikes! They are getting bold!

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by: Anonymous

Now THAT is what you call a close encounter of the ultimate. At least it was friendly and didn't want to have you for lunch. Thanks for sharing an awesome experience.

Spay & Neuter the Varmits!
by: Mike Hunt

Sounds like it was hungry.
Varmits have to eat too.
Too bad there aren't a few veterinarians who would trap and neuter/spay the coyotes.... maybe a project for universities who train vets?

(Edited) Neutering surgically may not be feasible, but it would be good if we could chemically sterilize the town-coyotes! More than likely, their birth-rate would go up though ..... hmmmm.... back to the drawing board!

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