Coyote dismissed from school in Kitchener

by Frito
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

I was walking home from school one day and I always used to take this one forest pathway. So I decided to take it to get somewhere, and I saw it.

There was a big, grey dog-like creature sitting in front of me on the pathway. I didn't move, I just stared at it, then I turned my head cause my friend called me. I looked again and I noticed it was gone.

The weird part was there was snow on the ground but no foot-prints.

I hope our local animal control takes care of this or the person in charge WILL hear about this!

Another reader from Kitchener tells us ..... I saw a Coyote this morning (about 9:30 am) in a small wooded area near my house (near Highland Hills mall).

I was with my dog in a baseball diamond that is beside the woods. He was acting strange, running back & forth, hackles up, barking.

The Coyote just sort of skirted the edge of the woods & then went deeper into the trees.

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