Coyote close call

by Nervous in Mt Albert
(Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada)

I just want to tell my story of recent encounters with Coyotes.

We live in a farming and horse area with a lot of subdivisions and a huge highway project underway.

Late one evening our Chow-cross dog was out and our one remaining 35 year old horse was out, as she stays out 24/7 with a run in shelter.

My husband and I were quietly chatting when all of a sudden a great howling of a large pack started up not 20 feet from our dog.

We leapt to our feet and were fortunate enough to retrieve our old beloved dog.

The pack was still howling like mad even though we were shouting and visible. My old horse screamed then I screamed thinking they might go for her.

They stopped howling.

We got our old girl in the barn and she is now in every night and not allowed in the back bush area.

I walk the dog on a lead and carry a big stick. Our neighbor lost is jack Russell when a Coyote trotted up and took it right at the house.

We are destroying their habitat at an alarming rate. People who walk in forest areas and allow these wild animals to become used to people, are doing these animals a disservice.

Clap your hands shout rattle a tin of stones, but keep the Coyotes shy of you.

I lived for 25 with coyotes with no problems.

Nervous in Mt Albert

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Coyotes in my back yard
by: Mt Albert Resident

I see and hear them in my backyard during the day and at night. They are living in the ravine behind my house. Just seen one walking behind house today January 23 /18 at 5:00 pm.

My Coyote Attack
by: Alexis

When I was lil i was pushing my lil wagon down a hill suddenly I heard some growl, it was a Coyote.
I ran a lil bit, but it caught me, it bit me scratched me *--*

So True
by: Cindy Morton

I feel for these Coyotes, and victims like us who are caught in the middle of all this greed for taking away what human nature built for all of us to share.

I live in the city of Toronto and I will be living soon around Cambridge area in Ontario, because I enjoy nature and love the outdoors plus clean air and peacefulness in the country.

I find Toronto overwhelming, overcrowded,and very noisy. I lived here in the city all my life but now it is time to leave even taking the garbage out is costing me money if I have an extra bag.It has become expensive to live here plus I find it has become filthy garbage everywhere.

I have a small dog 3 years old and thanks to your site, I am gathering information for safety issues regarding Coyotes.

Glad to have been of help, Ma'am - I'm happy that you are keeping your pet safe!

Re Close Call
by: Anonymous

I am glad to read that all is well that ends well and that your two animals are safe. Sadly, WE are the intruders, crowding them more and more with our developments. A

nd you are right ..... we must not allow them, for their own protection, to become complacent in our presence.

Stay safe, you and your beloved animals!

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