Coyote after cat

(Waterloo, Ontario)

I have heard the Coyotes in my area - Waterloo West and have heard heard stories about Coyote sightings in my neighbourhood.

Last night, I awoke to a blood-curling scream - it was a cat I think and I immediately ran out on the porch. There was a Coyote running and it stopped in front of me. I could still hear the cat crying and so I tried to scare the Coyote - he/she ignored me and was about to go back to the cat when another neighbour came out and then the Coyote took off.

Sadly, one of our neighbourhood cats is missing today. Maybe he will show up safe and sound but still...

It did look like a cute animal and it was not as tall as some of the pics I've seen, so it must be a younger one.

Hard to like a cat killer though.

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