Cooper's Hawk

by John Winstone
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

Checking each other out

Checking each other out

While wandering the country roads a week ago looking for the returning Snowy Owls, I passed a lot of Hawks.

I was able to catch the attached pictures, mainly because of the Cooper's Hawk famous tolerance of humans (didn't know about it until after the pics were taken.

It allowed me to slowly edge my car quite close to it and hence the great shots.

I found the Snowy Owls too but the pics of them were not great (my fault of course, still pretty amateur at photography, though I love it).

It was sitting in the hedge made of tree branches above a fairly deep ditch where I presume supper was expected to be found.

Quite pleased with the shots.

Thank you for sending such great pictures and your report of your Hawk sighting - very interesting!

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You're so Lucky!
by: Deanna Porter, Toronto, ON

What amazing shots! We have quite a few Peregrine Falcons and a host of other feathered visitors down here by the shores of Lake Ontario. Your sighting must have been just awesome and to get so close to get those great pics. Thanks for sharing, truly a treat to see! I hope you find your Snowy Owls...

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