by Marinus Pater
(Georgetown, Ontario, Canada)

While having our dinner, and watching the birds having theirs, at our feeder, suddenly mass panic!

"Coop" our resident Hawk, decided to drop by for his.

Fortunately, all got away safely.

I love Hawks, but I'm glad all the little birds escaped!

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The Peregrine I prefer more than the Cooper
by: Gerrit P

The Peregrine coming back shortly (early April now) gives my little Chickadees covering me in winter a chance when hiding under my clothes. He does neither steal those off my body like the Cooper and fails to chase the little birds out of the dense twigs of the weeping willows. Since the Cooper stole the second Chickadee on the same day, I chased him away with a handful of small birds seed and he has not been back for a week now, but still had the "guts" to show his second catch that day feasting at least 80 feet instead of the normal only 8 feet away. My crows are back now for 3 weeks already and they neither like my (male, small) Peregrine nor the Cooper.

Cooper's Hawk
by: Alexis

Beautiful photo of the Cooper's Hawk.

I have one that visits my yard on a daily basis in Markham and look forward everyday to seeing it.

Having bird feeders in the yard you have to take the good with the bad and sometimes the birds and in my last case a chipmunk wasn't so lucky.

I'd sooner see a Cooper's Hawk any day, rather then the nuisance Grackles, Starlings and Cowbirds that inhale my bird seed.

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