Cat-like creature near Port Bruce

by Tammy
(near Port Bruce, Ontario)

Regarding the large cat-like creature - not just me but my sister, husband, and aunt, have all seen a similar feline, small cougar-like creature in the area of Sparta Line near Pulley Road, not far from Port Bruce.

It is light in color and looks like a Cougar, but is about the size of Lynx.

At first we thought that was what we saw, but it couldn't have been because, it had a longer Cougar-like tail.

It was around 6am and in late September 2008.

I'm so happy other people in my area have reported similar sightings. The MNR officer we called didn't even come out to investigate the sighting and told us it may have been a dog, Coyote or possibly a Lynx.

My husband reluctantly agreed, but after we looked up Lynx we called back and told them that it wasn't a Lynx because it had a longer cougar-like tail.

I wish my husband had the guts to get closer to the bush and look for tracks, but since then we have been to spooked to go for a hike near there!

Here's a link to a Toronto Sun article about something similar, and here is the Ontario Puma Foundation website.

Thanx so much for posting your report about the Cat-like creature, I have looked for others near us that have had sightings and finally found your post.

Thank you so much for this report - I hope you don't mind that I moved it here where it has a page of it's own! I'm sure our readers will find this fascinating!

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